Legal Compliance

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“What laws affect my ability to send commercial email?”

“I comply with CAN-SPAM. Is that all that I need to do in order to send mail?”

“How do the latest court cases and FTC consent agreements affect my business?”

Questions like these are common among email senders.  Everyone wants to send email that complies with the law, but which laws apply?

The CAN-SPAM Act applies to commercial email sent in the United States, but other statutes may also apply to the mail you send, depending on things like:

  • What kind of mail you send
  • Where you are sending the mail from
  • To whom you are sending the mail
  • Where your recipients reside
  • What your mail content looks like

Whizardries is able to help you figure these things out so that your mail doesn’t end up on the wrong side of the law.

Have questions? Please have your legal counsel contact us.