Get Your Email Flowing Again With Blocklist Remediation

military personnel standing beside barricade

Spamhaus, Spamcop, CBL, URIBL, UCEProtect, SORBS, Fiveten, NJABL…

“DNSBL” is an acronym for “DNS Block List.” It’s a list of IPs that someone, somewhere thinks should not be allowed to send email that is set up like a DNS server.  And the list of DNSBLs for the modern mail administrator to choose from is truly amazing.  Just looking at the list makes you feel like you are wandering through a maze of governmental departments and Three Letter Acronym agencies.

When something, somewhere, goes wildly wrong and you find your email servers listed by one, two, or several of these choices, you need someone who knows about blocklist remediation.  Usually in a hurry.

Of course, some lists are nothing more than an angry geek with a Linux box in his mom’s basement and aren’t used by more people than the angry geek and his mom’s seventy-five cats. But, some website somewhere did a check and you found that your mail server is listed.  How important is it to your business to get removed from that list?

Whizardries’ blocklist remediation service can help you understand all of this and more.  We can help you by

  • Advising you regarding the policies and/or procedures you may have in place that got you listed and how to change them to expedite removal and prevent future listings
  • Advising you as to which lists are of primary concern to your business and which only matter if you want to mail a few cats
  • Helping you to navigate the maze of contact pathways
  • Even acting as your company’s representative and reaching out to the list’s team on your behalf.

If you need help getting off of a DNSBL, we can help.  Contact us today.