Feedback Loops


Ten years ago, getting a feedback loop probably meant that your uncle’s wife’s cousin’s daughter’s housekeeper was married to the brother of the guy who ran the mail servers.  Or maybe you just found out who to send the big box of meat to.  But things aren’t like that anymore.

Now, a feedback loop isn’t just a backhanded way of saying, “You should unsubscribe these people if you want to send mail to us,” it’s supposed to be something that helps you figure out what is going wrong and why.

When it comes to feedback loops, Whizardries can help you qualify for them, apply for them, and put policies and procedures in place to get the most of them.  We know the pitfalls in the qualifying process and can help you avoid them, speeding up the time it takes to get it in place and working for you.

If you think that we might be able to help you with setting up feedback loops with the major B2C ISPs, contact us today.